Wednesday, 23 November 2011

AS Montague

Running into John Rushton on Wimpole Street, one of London's best small shoe stores, to pick up some re-soled Lotus shoes, I noticed they'd just taken delivery of the new Alfred Sargent AS Exclusive Range.

Insiders will know of Sargent's troubled recent history; in fact, yesterday I heard talk they are owned partly by a French company. But these are a fine, new design, and although, at over £300, pricier than the old AS, they look to be lovely quality - nicer in the hands than some recent Tricker's I've seen. Note the lovely mahogany leather on the soles, sandwiching a rubber core. There were some fine Zug grain items too. I'll post better photos when I have a chance to take some.


  1. Hi Paul, I'm so glad to see, that you are doing some blogging. PERFECT!

    I'm adding this to my favourites and the favourites of my blog.

    Kind regards SimonTuntelder

  2. Glad I picked up my Kelso before the debacle. Would love to have the chance to have a look and feel of the handgrade AS. Seems like a better buy over some Tricker's.

  3. Great blog Paul T, those new Montague look very tasty too.